The Holographic World
The Earth and Humanity




Meta–Reality: How has it come into being?

I wrote the first fragments in the second half of September 2022. I did not know back then that they would constitute parts of a book.

I was preparing for a book signing in Katowice. Those texts, I was publishing then on my auctorial Facebook page, wanting to share the knowledge with my readers. It turned out that the subject area explored by me in this series as well as the way I decided to present it have been approved by them.

On this account, already after the book signing, I resolved to extend a collection of those stories and compile a publication that would address the problems of our planet. Followingly, this led me in the direction of humans and our detrimental activities on Earth. Thereafter, I enriched the contents with four texts related to global warming that I posted on my Facebook page within the series titled “The Colors of the World.” The published fragments of the book Meta–Reality were liked by around four thousand people altogether and shared by nearly five hundred.


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The Earth and Humanity”

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