The Animals Spoke Up


People rule here. They define the laws of life and death. They can kill animals to eat them. They can excoriate them, play with their suffering, modify their bodies—simultaneously claiming that they are intelligent and emphatic beings. The Animals Spoke Up consists of four stories with animals as the protagonists.

The toro bravo bulls, since birth preparing to fight at the corrida de toros. Together with them we experience Encierro in the streets of Pamplona as well as corrida.

The Spanish imperial eagles, each of which lead a charmed life in the Pyrenees, yet then they are abducted by the poachers. We watch their lives in slavery and their desperate flight.

Wolves following the trails of the glacier valley to find a new place to live, as laws protecting wildlife have been lifted inAlaska. We also participate in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, the most important dog sled rally in America.

Cats living on the streets of Greece and those predatory, kidnapped from their natural areas of life.

We identify with the feelings of animals and get to know the realities in which they live. Together with them we live, sufferand love.

Enter their world and listen to what they are talking about.
Do not be indifferent to their voice!



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